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The Avon Fishing Pier opened its doors in 1963 and was the final pier to be built on Hatteras Island. The Avon Fishing Pier is world famous with its many record catches, especially with the giant Red Drum that frequent the waters. Fishing is also made easy, as anglers are not required to purchase a fishing license. Everything you need for a day of fishing can be found at the Avon Pier. All you need to do is stop by for a fun day of fishing or sightseeing and make once in a lifetime memories on the OBX.

The Only Beach Front Parking In Avon

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Pier Passes and Hours

December 16, 2016


Pier Passes and Hours

SIGHTSEEING: $1 FISHING DAY PASSES: Adults $10 Seniors $9 Children (12 and under) $7 THREE DAY PASSES: Adults $27 Seniors $24 Children (12 & under) $18 ANNUAL PASSES: Individual $275 Couples $475...

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Pier House

All of your fishing and beach needs are met just inside the Pier House. Fishing made simple. No need for a fishing license. Whether you are an avid angler or just taking the kids fishing for the day, the Avon Pier makes fishing fun and easy

Call 252-995-5480

Pier House


Rod, reels, combos, tackle, coolers, and accessories from the name brands you know and trust


  • Rental Rod Program- $10 all day
  • Beach needs- sunscreen, sunglasses, ice, and more
  • restrooms

Avon Pier Gear

World-Famous Avon Pier T-shirts and hats.


  • food, ice cream and cold drinks
  • The Only Public Beach Front Parking In The Center Of Avon
  • Get Right On The Beach


Pier Cams

  • 15 hours ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    Johnny's eating good tonight!
    Timeline Photos
    13 hours ago Jenny Schenck Helms
    Please don't catch them all! Headed that way in about eight days.
    14 hours ago Trebor Noteek
    sea mullet is one of my favorite eating fish
  • 16 hours ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    Johnny is catching sea mullet left and right!
    Timeline Photos
    16 hours ago John Waldrop
    Hunter Waldrop
    16 hours ago Mandy Dalziel
    16 hours ago Monica LaMacchia 1
    Save some for us. Lol
    16 hours ago Mike McGuire 2
    He should also,win "Best Dressed Fisherman" !!
  • 17 hours ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    9.25lb bluefish just caught!
    Timeline Photos
    15 hours ago Hannah Cummings
    What bait are u guys using
    15 hours ago Jenn Norris
    Miss that pier.
    16 hours ago Barbara Woods
    17 hours ago Traci R. Pence
    I actually watched the catch from NE Ohio on the pier Webcam!! Awesome.
    17 hours ago Nate Creasy
    Looks like im taking off tomorrow as long as the water temp doesn't drop
  • 2 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    Looking for a part time person to join our team!
    Koru Village's Adventure Resort is seeking 2 part time cashiers for the Avon Fishing Pier for the 2017 season. Looking for someone to be able to work 2-3 days a week working split shifts. Applicants must be reliable, able to multitask, and have excellent customer service skills. Applicant must be able to work in a team atmosphere and identify with the business' core values and mission.
    You may go to koruvillage.com to fill out an application or stop in to get one! Email Kristin@koruvillage.com for more info.
    Serious inquiries only!
    2 days ago Charles Adkins 1
    Raymond Adkins maybe it's time to switch from cutting trees?
    2 days ago Trebor Noteek
    I mean its only like 6 hrs there or so........ I wish that would be awesome
    2 days ago David Presloid 2
    I plan on working there when I retire, Pleae keep the pier going for another 17 - 20 years!!. See you in July
  • 2 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    We will be closing again tonight at 7pm due to weather conditions. We will re open tomorrow morning at 6am! Sorry for the inconvenience. Don't worry, nice weather is coming! 🙂
  • 2 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    When you love each other almost as much as you love the Avon Pier 💙 Weddings at Koru Village 📷 Daniel Pullen Photography
    Timeline Photos
    2 days ago Bj Caulfield 1
    Elizabeth R. Jelovich
    2 days ago Stacey Kite 4
    Could not agree more!! <3 July 2016
    Brian Kite, Stacey Kite, Mark Lemmon, Christine Parnham, Elizabeth L. Mayle, Bonnie B. Williams
  • 3 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    We will be closing at 7pm tonight due to weather conditions. Re open tomorrow morning at 6am! Thanks everyone!
  • 3 days ago by Avon Fishing Pier NC

    Avon Fishing Pier NC
    Just caught on a bottom rig!
    Timeline Photos
    3 days ago Bob Bucks
    3 days ago Gena Arney
    4 more weeks and I'll be there, can't wait
    3 days ago Dwight Thompson
    What do folks do with big bluefish? Since they don't taste too good?
    3 days ago Cindy Poole
    It's a blue. He also caught a 17" puppy drum
    3 days ago Linda-Buddy Holeman
    What is that?

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